Did you not know that I am protecting you wherever you go?

As a child I had perfect, childlike faith. I had an instinctive awareness and assurance of God’s protection and love for me. 

As time has gone on and as I have got older this assurance has not come so easily for me. 

I didn’t realise this completely and in it’s entirety until God spoke to me today.

God spoke to me and moved me in a way only He can. I did not ask a question nor was I expecting God to speak but nevertheless He spoke! 

His words were ‘did you not know that I am protecting you wherever you go?’ 

My spirit quickened and my mind was taken back to points of fear in my life. 

One of those times was when I was driving through the Chase where a man had crashed into a tree and died. I was afraid that the same could happen to me and I became anxious and filled with irrational fear. 

God took me back to all of those similar moments of fear in my life and spoke into my heart that He was protecting me always, that He was surrounding me, that His hand was on my life, that the enemy could not harm me, that I belonged to Him. 

Whatever happens in my life He would sustain me. 

It was almost as if He was saying, for goodness sake do you really think I would allow anything bad to happen to you?! 

Then He spoke these words into my spirit as clear as anything, ‘I am Your God, The Lion of Judah and I will give you the courage of a Lion and you will be afraid no more and you will trust in me’. 

These prophetic words of life from my God mean everything to me. I lived with crippling fear and dizzy spells for too long and I believe that God has been doing a work in me as I have decided to seek and know Him more intimately. 

I have delved into His word and opened my heart to His ways and have seen daily transformation in my mind, my health and my spirituality. 

As I get to know Him more I find that I want and need Him more and that living my life following basic principles I can be enriched and fulfilled, at peace and without fear.

These are some of the principles I’ve acted on that have impacted my life:

A heart that is open – open to receive from God and allowing Him to speak.

A heart that is hungry – hungry for intimacy with God through word, prayer, worship.

A heart that let’s go – lets go of every doubt and human reasoning, faith like a child.

A heart that trusts – trusts that God knows what He is doing and holds my life in His hands, He wants the best for me!

A heart that is grateful – grateful for every good thing in my life, thankful for every blessing, expressed through constant praise and acknowledgement of a good father.

A heart that embraces change – understanding the importance of progression and moving forward in God.

A heart that chooses – chooses to fellowship with God by listening to podcasts in my car from inspirational Christians that revive and awaken my spirit. By singing in tongues in my alone time, by speaking out the truths of Gods word for me over my life.

A heart that believes – belief in Gods word even though in the natural it has not yet come to pass. For example: during a particularly nasty dizzy spell I made a concrete decision to believe that I am healed and that I have a clear and sound mind. 

I will no longer accept that I have to put up with feeling dizzy all the time. God has already healed me even during the times when I have not experienced the fullness of it yet. 


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