The trouble with texts

Just recently I received a text message from a Christian friend. I will be completely honest……it wasn’t the nicest of texts I’ve ever received! 

It got me thinking about how I might come across when I send messages. 

I want to be completely clear that whatever I write is done so in love. 

I don’t want to be responsible for causing another human being stress and worry over something I have said in a text message. 

Subsequently, I came up with this checklist:

Message check

  1. Is it encouraging? 
  2. Is it inspiring?
  3. Is it motivating?
  4. Does this message reflect Gods love?
  5. Have you asked God to help you with any hurt (if you have any) that has yet to be dealt with before sending this message?
  6. Have you forgiven the person for any offence they may have willingly or unwilling caused? 

I want to know, has anyone else experienced text messaging to be an issue? What do you all think? Is face to face communication the best way? 


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