Truth talking

What is the truth? 
Jesus is the truth. He says I belong to Him, that I’m made in His image and that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. 

He loves me so much that he died for me. He says I am free and He gives me peace. 

What is Gods plan for you?

God wants to bless me abundantly. He wants to give me a glimpse of eternity and shower me with affection and His wonderful riches. 

He wants to use me for His glory and enable me to be more like Him. 

He wants me to be a part of His awesome plan to breathe His beauty back into our world. 

God wants the very best for me.

Whom shall you fear? 

No one!! I shall not fear people or their opinions of me because Gods opinion is the only one that matters 

I shall not fear the enemy because he has already been defeated and he has no power over me. 

I encourage you to answer the same questions. Would love to know what answers you all got back! 

Hayley (Singer from Red Letters)

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