Bubble wrap

A couple of years ago I was covered by God in bubble wrap (that’s the only way I can explain it).

I felt His presence in a way I cannot describe. 

My marriage was not going great and I was on my own for a year as my husband was working nights and unbeknownst to me was having an affair. 

I didn’t know but God did……

And so, He covered me in bubble wrap and kept me close to Him, protecting me from what I did not know. 

His presence was infectious, I didn’t need or want anything else. 

I spent night after night, alone just worshipping.

 I would put the kids to bed and go upstairs into my little music room and would worship. 

Just me and Jesus, our very own hideaway. 

I decided there and then that I did not need to be on a stage or be in a worship team. 

All I wanted was to be alone with God and feel His presence. 

This went on for months and I was very anti corporate worship and thought that it was unimportant and unnecessary to my life. 

This is the exact time when I began to encourage a friend into leading worship. 

Eventually God spoke to me and told me to come out of hiding and share my songs with hurting and broken women like myself. 

He told me that He hadn’t given me the songs to keep to myself but to pass on as a gift. 

After that it all came out about the affair and its so plainly obvious why God was so close to me for all those months before. 

He had been building me up in Him ready to hear the news that would completely break most women. 

I did not break, I did not crumble but I stood firm in Gods love for me and I knew it would be okay…… and it is okay. 😀

Fast forward a year on and we have been cementing our faith together as husband and wife and I cannot thank God enough for what He has done in our marriage!

Its very different to those intense moments I shared alone with God but I know it’s right this way, that Jon and I are together in this.

‘Dare to dream’ is the new chapter.

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