Its all about the journey

There are times when I become frustrated about the speed in which my vision is moving at, which, I have to admit, feels very slow!

I find myself worrying a bit about being too old to pursue my dreams and visions and I know this isn’t good.

God reminded me that nothing is ever wasted when we are in Him.

I know that I have had to go through times of testing, times of perseverance and times of endurance as training for the real deal.

I’ve been through some pretty rough times and yet God has remained faithful and has been with me through every storm.

I needed to experience Gods power and love for me as a reality not just a nice idea.

God also reminded me that the journey I’m on is so much more than the destination that I have my heart set on. 

I am growing whilst I’m on this journey and I’m learning much more about who God is and who I am in Him.

God’s using this time in my life to: 

  1. cement firm foundations in Him
  2. to experience the safety and peace of His presence
  3. to reaffirm who I am in order to be who I will become.

Don’t despise the journey you’re on. Its moulding you and shaping you to be the person you are to become!

Hayley 😊


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