Pull, pull me up from the waters far below me,                                                    

Pull me up outside myself towards the sky.

Let my deepest, darkest fears sink to the bottom of the ocean,                                                        

Teach me once again the meaning to soar high.

And Oh God grant me the meaning of serenity,                                                                                     

To accept the things that I cannot change.

Give me grace to rise above this thorn that pierces my side,

As it twists like a knife, let me see your face.

Low I may be and the waves may crash upon me,

So much so that I can’t seem to see a light.

At the end of my dark tunnel there’s a hope that’s waiting for me,                                                     

I won’t let it slip away now from my sight.

Oh come now colour me in,                                                                                                                           

I don’t want to be a murky shade of grey.

I want to be how I used to be and be close to you again.                                                                        

I want to reflect the beauty of you and all your beautiful colours.

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