Welsh Rare-bit 

You may be slightly confused by the title of this post so allow me to explain..... Welsh Rarebit is actually 'posh' cheese on toast but for my husband & I it means a rare-bit of a Welsh treat for us as we take a three day trip to Wales. Here's what we got up to......... Continue Reading →

Heart Matters

The 'heart' is mentioned no less than 830 times in the Bible so we can make an educated guess that its something that God wants us to take notice of.  King David was known as a man after Gods own heart and we know that he was chosen by God, not because of his stature... Continue Reading →

Mary the ‘risk taker’

Amongst the business of an important festival, Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus & learn from him. Mary broke every rule regarding her culture & society & with it inspires us to cultivate a deep relationship with Jesus.

I am with you

For a very long time I lived my life in complete fear; afraid of death & illness for myself and others. The fear & anxiety I felt was irrational and practically took over my life to the point where I was merely existing & not living. When I had finally reached the end of my... Continue Reading →

Dare to dream

Have you ever felt so deflated and so discouraged that all you want to do is give up and quit altogether?  That has been my story since I was a child.  I have, unfortunately, been known for quitting and running away from lots of things: new hobbies, college, university, friendships, even God!  When the going... Continue Reading →

The buried seed

When God plants a seed in your heart it can be exciting but sometimes we have to wait for that seed to grow beneath the ground where we can't see what's happening.

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