I am with you

For a very long time I lived my life in complete fear; afraid of death & illness for myself and others. The fear & anxiety I felt was irrational and practically took over my life to the point where I was merely existing & not living.
When I had finally reached the end of my rope, I returned to my Father God; on my knees, broken & desperate. I had exhausted all other options and God was my last hope.

During that time of repentance, God spoke into my heart and moved me in a way that only He can. I did not ask a question nor was I expecting God to speak but, nevertheless, He spoke!

God’s life changing words to me were: 

‘Do you not know that I am protecting you wherever you go?’ 

My spirit quickened and my mind was taken back to points of fear in my life. One of those times was when I was driving through Cannock Chase where a man had crashed into a tree and died. I became afraid that the same could happen to me and I was filled with anxiety & irrational fear.

God took me back to all of those similar moments of fear in my life and spoke into my heart that He was protecting me always, that He was surrounding me, that His hand was on my life, that the enemy could not harm me, that I belonged to Him. Whatever happens in my life He would sustain me. 

Then God continued to speak these words into my spirit as clear as anything:

‘I am Your God, The Lion of Judah and I will give you the courage of a Lion and you will be afraid no more and you will trust in me’. 

Wow! God was going to give little old me the courage of a lion?! I wasn’t so sure at first but I wanted to believe it more than anything.

Well, the rest is history and needless to say, God did fulfil His promise to me that I would be filled with His courage & boldness.

I cannot remember the last time I had an anxiety or panic attack. My trust in God has grown as I have felt the power of His hand on my life.

This is why I tell my story because I am moved with compassion for every person out there that is suffering with anxiety. I know how it feels and I know there’s an answer.

Fear does not come from God but fear comes from the enemy. Satan wants to rob you of your life and fill your mind with lies. Don’t allow him to! Instead, place your life in Gods hands, give Him all of your fears and worries. Accept that you are in desperate need of Jesus as your saviour and confess that you cannot live this life on earth without Him. I promise, it will be the best decision you ever make and you will never look back.

If you are reading this and are in need of prayer then I will be happy to pray for you. If you want to reach me privately then you can email me at realredletters@gmail.com

Love & blessings,

Hayley 😊❤️

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23 thoughts on “I am with you

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  1. That’s a wonderful testimony. Not sure if you meant to but I noticed you connected repentance to going back to our Father. Most people just talk about “stop doing bad stuff” but the deeper meaning is turn back to our Father. Which is why the inclination and energy to go home are from him in the first place!

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  2. Hayley, I was tormented with fear for many years, especially after being diagnosed with diabetes at around 12 or 13 years old. Nothing like the kind of support you have now days when diagnosed. I just remember the books they shoved in my face…the talk of possible side affects like blindness, amputation, shorter life span. It actually brought a fear of death and abandonment into my heart and mind. Amazing testimony…and amazing young woman. God is SO faithful, and out of all that you’ve gone through will come wells of worship…refreshing, delivering, cleansing songs…<3

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    1. Oh bless you Karen, that must have been absolutely terrifying for you to go through that at such a young age. You are an amazing, strong woman of God! Courageous because of His grace that is upon your life. Yes, God surely is faithful & fills us up to overflowing with songs of praise & thankfulness that cannot be contained! Love Hayley 💞

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