I’ve missed you all!

A huge hello to all of my WordPress family!!

How are you all doing? I trust you are all blessed.

I’ve been away from WordPress for a while but now I’m going to be back, every Tuesday but on the following site:


It’s a weekly bible study called Renew that I’m doing with my friend Rachael and I would love for all my friends to check it out and follow.

Of course I will follow you back and hopefully stay in touch a bit more. I’ve really missed WordPress but it’s been such a busy season that I’ve just had to prioritise a bit.

I hope you all understand, I love you guys and I’ll see you all over at RENEW!

Love Hayley

22 thoughts on “I’ve missed you all!

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  1. 😄💞 Hello Hayley Dearest!
    I have been thinking of you during the last couple of days. So nice seeing you here again, and what a powerful ministry you are launching! Our God’s abundant blessings upon you and your beloved family and your new team, and my heart will be with you for every precious soul you will be supporting in prayer.
    Your grateful brother, Leon 💜🙏

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  2. PTL! Hayley! I am so blessed to see you! I’m so sorry to just now being seeing your hello, but I praise God I saw it now! Missed you, lovely Lady! I pray you are doing well!
    I had no idea that RENEW as YOU!! I had seen it but have been very weary of adding/following people because of so many spammers! I will be sure to get on over there and check it out as soon as the Lord allows (He allowed me to just peek and get to following real quick). Me and God love you, Hayley! And Jon! And the girls!


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